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Libreria K2 Kriptonite a pressione tra pavimento e soffitto - Kriptonite


  • BOOKCASE and Modular Wallsystem
  • Kriptonite Italia



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  • Price € 200.00 (incl. IVA 22%)


K2 is a Kriptonite pressure system, made up of uprights and shelves, accessories and containers, that can be adapted to environments of various heights; uprights have to be blocked at the desired height and compressed between floor and ceiling, for greater safety and with no need to pierce the floor.
Bifacial and wall, K2 is able to formulate multiple solutions for the living area, sleeping area and workspaces.
Available in anodized aluminum or white coated finish.
You can freely create your own K2 composition:
please, click on Select elements, near the main picture, on top right, to order needed elements for your bookcase, then add to your cart every selected element to complete the order.
Click on attachments above (575_K2) for K2 datasheet and assembly instructions
You can make the bookcase system as big as you want.
The one in the picture is a 3-span composition made of two lateral spans 60 cm wide and one central span 90 cm wide, two lateral and two central uprights.
You need of two lateral uprights for a 1-span bookcase, of two lateral uprights, plus a central upright, for a 2-span bookcase.
Uprights need to be as high as the ceilings (a 5 cm tolerance shall be allowed) so please, write your ceilings height in the cart notes before sending the order.
Over 3 meters (9ft 10.1in) the upright needs an extension (maximum extension length: 1 meter; maximum system height: 4 meters)
Size and standard finishes, you can request special sizes and colors.
You can put how many shelves you want and fix them wherever you want by using suitable housings placed every 10 cm in length.
In the main picture you can see a solution made of 5+5 lateral shelves 60 cm wide and 5 central shelves 90 cm wide.
Shelves can be 60 or 90 cm wide and 29 or 36 cm deep and can also have a downwards profiled edge (standard shelf) or a turned-up book-stop back-edge (raised shelf); just pick the one you like the best.


You can also fix drawers as well as shelves.
You can choose among various container options: single drawer, double drawer, tip-up container with openable bottom or top;
all of them have dimentions of 60 or 90 cm wide and 36 or 45 cm deep. 
Usually they are placed at the bottom of the bookcase and they can be deeper than shelves.
Drawers and containers are made of aluminum covered wood, with block-guides.



The assembly is very simple: fix shelves and/or drawers as appropriate to uprights by using screws.
Rectify the structure position with a spirit level checking if upright are exactly vertical and shelves exactly horizontal and turn tight the two wheels which are on the edge of uprights, one against the floor and one against the ceiling. Put any other shelf or drawer and it is done!
If assembling the structure near the wall, you will need of spacers of the same lenght of the distance you want to keep from the wall.

If you need help to order your K2 bookcase, you can send your requests to; you can also try to explain your bookcase concept in written or attaching a sketch and we will answer you with an estimate and a customized offer (please, indicate name, email and country).

* Switzerland and Norway - Special transport and Customs. [Ask Info - Click]

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