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Krossing rotante sistema modulare in alluminio - Kriptonite


  • BOOKCASE and Modular Wallsystem
  • Kriptonite Italia



Product Versions

  • Price € 200.00 (incl. IVA 22%)


Rotative Krossing is a self-supporting and rotating system designed by Kriptonite, the historic italian brand producing aluminum design furnishings. 

Rotative Krossing system is composed of simple aluminum elements such as tubes, shelves and dividers; it is designed to hold a large number of items in a minimum of space and without making holes in the walls.


Krossing systems, once filled, tend to disappear to leave maximum space for books, but also CDs or DVDs. 


Available in white, matt white, anodized aluminum, black


This system is capable of customization by simply put on add-ons, as many as we want, to the basic module of the required measures.  


Additional modules have to be added to the basic module.

Modules, both basic and additional, are squared and measure 33 X 33 cm.

You can choose the height of every additional module depending on the type of item you want to put on the structure.

For example, you prefer tubes 15 cm high if you need to store CDs only, but choose tubes 20 cm high for DVDs and 25 cm high for books.

The price does not depend on tubes height.


You can find attachments 384 with assembly instructions (in italian and english) on top of this description. As you will see, it is very simple and customizable. 

If any doubt remains, do not hesitate to contact us for all the explanations you require; we will suggest you the better solution for your special needs.

Our email address is or via WhatsApp:


Delivery within about 12 working days.

It is also available a 50x50 cm module (instead of 33x33 cm) that you can order by sending a request to

If you have any problem about the way to order your Rotative Krossing you can send us a sketch or a written description of the structure you wish. We will make the estimate and arrange the order, which will be sent you as soon as possible.

Write to or fill out the following request form.


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